Meet Tillie

Photo thanks to the lovely Jason from We Do Photography

Hello! I am so happy you have stumbled upon my little piece of the internet. First things first ... My name is Tillie, I am a 26 year old creative soul originally from Wellington, New Zealand currently exploring Melbourne, Australia.

Hello Tillie started out as a little place for me to document my journey with finding and maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle, but over the past few months I have realised that it has become much more than that. Its become a space for me to talk about the things I love, maybe the things I don't and really everything in between. Its moved from a place focused simply on health and weight loss to focused on life. I suppose I have started to think of this little space as an online visual diary. A collection of the things that make me smile, think, and feel, in one way or another.

Some of my favourite things include; vanilla scented anything, red lipstick, fresh linen, kittens, new stationary, taking photos of everything, exploring new spaces, getting crafty, holding hands, girly chats, late night movies, chai lattes, and post it notes.

I believe that part of growing up is learning to love yourself, in my case, learning to be happy, healthy and embracing my heart, because goodness knows its a big one and full of a lot of love. This journey might not be an easy one, there are ups and downs and even side steps along the way. But I have realised that it is mine. And I am embracing that. Join me won't you?


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